Check out Time: Summoner Wars

Two powerful mages face each other on the field of battle. They summon powerful monsters and armies to command. These forces meet in an epic conflict to decide which summoner survives. If you’re involved in gaming much at all, you’ve probably heard this story. But we’re not talking about the game you’re probably thinking of. Instead, we’re talking about a fantastic little game called Summoner Wars, designed by the fine Colby Dauch and published by Plaid Hat Games. Much like Wizards of the Coast’s famous game of cards, Summoner Wars sees two different wizards trying to slaughter the other by playing cards representing various creatures. The twist here is that these cards are placed onto a board, and moved around the map to represent the ebb and flow of battle. Summoner Wars is easily one of my favorite games. Continue on beyond the break as I show you why.


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The 5×5 Challenge: Putting our Board Game Collection to Use

A small excerpt of our current collection.

Recently in the board-game blog and podcast-o-sphere, there’s been a lot of the talk about the 10×10 Challenge. The challenge involves creating a list of 10 games, and then playing them 10 times each. Board-game hobbyists have kind of a collective anxiety over not playing their games enough: The board-game hobby, not unlike video-games, is very much driven by hype and Cult-of-the-New, so many hobbyists aspire to enjoy their older games as opposed to going and buying new shiny ones. Well, my girlfriend and I have decided to undertake a slightly smaller scale version of that challenge: The 5×5. We’ve selected 5 games, and will vow to play them each 5 times. Continue beyond the fold to see the 5 we’ve picked, and some thoughts on each of them. Continue reading

Check out Time: Door Kickers

Check Out Time is a series of articles in which I talk about games I’m excited about. Here is where I take off my editorial and critical hat to a degree, and just blather on about why I think things are cool. The games I talk about here may not always be the best games in the world, but they’ll always be something I think you should probably Check Out.


When I was a young gamer, one of the first games I really fell in love with was Rainbow Six on the Nintendo 64. How strange to think that I was playing one of the venerable PC greats on Nintendo’s little box, but that game is really what formed my deep and long lasting love for ordering little digital troopers around, for drawing up intricate and well made plans, and watching them all fall apart at the pull of a trigger. Door Kickers very competently brings that love for careful planning and controlled chaos into the modern era, delivering a highly accessible and elegantly designed tactical simulation.

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True Skate: A Creative, Competitive Sandbox

The various parks of True Skate are quite the sight.


I’ve skated once in my entire life, years and years ago. All I can really say about the experience is that my wrist still makes a conspicuous “pop” whenever I rotate it in just the right way. That being said, I’ve always had an affinity for the digital variety of skateboarding, from Tony Hawk Pro Skater to the skate. series. Recently, I’ve been diving into True Skate, for Android devices, a delightful little flick fest that lets you live out your inner Hawk from the comfort of your little pocket screen-slab.
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Talking to Other People is Scary: OR, Why More Multiplayer Games Need Proximity Voice

Imagine how much could change if you could talk to just them?

Multiplayer gaming is scary. Not only because you’re probably going to frequently die at the hands of leagues of 12 year olds far and away more talented than you, but because you’re playing with the most dangerous beast of all: fellow man.

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