Check out Time: Starfleet Deluxe

Behold, the majesty of space…

Starfleet Deluxe represents a lot of things I love about gaming. It’s an homage to a well-loved property that makes a game out of something we’ve all dreamed about doing. It lets you get on with your mission however you like, without fudding you to do things “right.” It’s an incredibly old school (think, ‘telnetting-into-a-remote-BBS’ old school) game ported to Android with a slick and highly usable interface. It’s tense, it’s fun, it’s exciting, and even though it’s really old, it’s still almost completely unique.
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True Skate: A Creative, Competitive Sandbox

The various parks of True Skate are quite the sight.


I’ve skated once in my entire life, years and years ago. All I can really say about the experience is that my wrist still makes a conspicuous “pop” whenever I rotate it in just the right way. That being said, I’ve always had an affinity for the digital variety of skateboarding, from Tony Hawk Pro Skater to the skate. series. Recently, I’ve been diving into True Skate, for Android devices, a delightful little flick fest that lets you live out your inner Hawk from the comfort of your little pocket screen-slab.
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