Check out Time: Summoner Wars

Two powerful mages face each other on the field of battle. They summon powerful monsters and armies to command. These forces meet in an epic conflict to decide which summoner survives. If you’re involved in gaming much at all, you’ve probably heard this story. But we’re not talking about the game you’re probably thinking of. Instead, we’re talking about a fantastic little game called Summoner Wars, designed by the fine Colby Dauch and published by Plaid Hat Games. Much like Wizards of the Coast’s famous game of cards, Summoner Wars sees two different wizards trying to slaughter the other by playing cards representing various creatures. The twist here is that these cards are placed onto a board, and moved around the map to represent the ebb and flow of battle. Summoner Wars is easily one of my favorite games. Continue on beyond the break as I show you why.


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